Des Plaines Commercial Glass Company

No matter what kind of business you’re starting or what size of the store you maintain, commercial glass is essential to ensure your business looks its best. Beautiful storefronts and eye-catching window displays can make a business stand out among its competitors. However, broken, dirty, or faulty windows can ruin the whole look, so check first. Therefore, a commercial glass used on storefronts is of utmost importance.

Choosing the right commercial Glass is essential.

You should consider what the doors or windows in your storefront will be used for when choosing a commercial glass. Do they need to function effectively, or are they more decorative? How important is it for your customers to see what’s inside your business, or do you want them to be able to see it clearly? Secondly, all commercially available storefront glass must be safe.

Tips for choosing a commercial glass company

Protecting your privacy

It is also essential to consider how private your commercial space needs to be. In a retail store, privacy is not as important as displaying your products to customers. If you plan to open a spa, you may want to consider the waiting area more private.

Clear Glass

When you want to convert passersby into customers, clear glass is the best choice. Outsiders can see your products when using this kind of glass. In addition, it is an excellent option for businesses such as ice cream parlors or retail stores that would like to create a vibrant, inviting atmosphere.

Glazing with frost or tint

The use of frosted or tinted glass may be the best choice for your business if you require a greater degree of privacy. Your customers are given the convenience of natural light yet still have a comforting sense of privacy with privacy glass. A lot of commercial spaces have tinted or frosted glass, for example, dental offices and spas. Frosty Glass can also be etched or embellished with designs.


Glass is a necessary component of most storefronts. The glass on your doors should be able to withstand heavy traffic if you have many customers coming and going.


If you are considering commercial storefront glass, safety should be your top priority. Breaking ordinary glass can result in pieces of glass that are incredibly sharp. Therefore, choosing a glass that crumbles rather than shattering is an intelligent move.

Safety Glass

Because security glass doesn’t break into sharp pieces, it is great for storefronts. However, to prevent pieces from flying around, it has an internal or external laminate. The result is a spiderweb-like appearance when broken.

Tempered Glass

In addition to being a very safe option for commercial or storefront use, tempered glass is also incredibly durable. Tempered Glass breaks easily. Tempered glass pieces have smooth edges and are almost rounded. In this way, customers in the area are less likely to be injured.

If you’re looking for new construction, renovation, or retrofit glass services for your Elk Grove Village commercial storefronts or windows, your commercial storefronts and windows service provider can help. However, when it comes to projects requiring quick completion, we work directly with the property owner or manager.

Reasons to call Elk Grove Village Commercial Storefront Glass:

  • Our experience includes specifying, estimating, and managing commercial glazing projects for over 30 years.
  • A variety of storefront manufacturers and systems with experience, including hurricane-resistant systems
  • The glass we fabricate and install for our commercial work has been used in office buildings, retail stores, schools, and churches
  • We can insulate glass quickly with our in-house glass oven, allowing us to finish projects quickly